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Of Light and Dark: A Collaboration

Of Light and Dark: A Collaboration

What happens when several artists come together to tell a story. 

Photography: Holly Seeber / Hair: Emily Mazour / Makeup: Killer Queen Artistry / Models: Sarah Ansley and Michaela Marie / Costume Design & Poem: Kate Miles

Here in the garden, kaleidoscopic.

Here where I took and ate, saccharine.

Here she was born. 


Let me go 

Please stop it. 


My veins crepuscule.

Eyes dark 

Lips dark


I try to escape

to tear from the cement of her skin

To evanesce lest I be held by her grip.

No room for light

Fractious malady within. 


She won’t let me go. 

I am laughter I am music I am lucent. 

She won’t relinquish her hold

reminiscent of when we were one.  


The flowers in the garden

resplendent as I sang

opening their ears to drink such melody

stretching their petals


Memory alluring but empty

Corporeal found lacking



So she holds me here.

A piece of warmth in her algid world.

Contempt for my light

But still passion for memory


If not to set asunder, 

What then?

I invite her back to me, to my light

Still drowning in darkness 


She can’t come back.

Nor can she let me free

This way she remains. 


The memory is too pure.

The fruit is too sweet. 

Never leave the garden.

Sweet saccharine. 


--Kate Miles 

   Nov. 2015

Cowboy Boots... Just Part of the Uniform

Cowboy Boots... Just Part of the Uniform

Portland Fashion Week, 2015

Portland Fashion Week, 2015